The donation of…A Breath of Fresh Air


Our garden is a beautiful place where parents can take some time to pause and relax, to spend some time focusing on their own wellbeing and find some welcome respite with nature.

Your £20 donation could keep the flowers blooming, and the vegetable plot well stocked so families staying with us can help themselves to home-grown fresh herbs and vegetables.


Our garden provides so much enjoyment for the families who stay with us. Having a tranquil space outdoors, surrounded by colourful flowers, bird song and our sweet smelling herb garden is one of the few opportunities families get to take some times for themselves. Our Gardening volunteers work really hard to provide and maintain somewhere beautiful for our families to sit and enjoy when they cannot enjoy their own garden at home. The Ronald McDonald House garden is a place for taking some time out from the ward, a space for mindfulness and self-care – a sanctuary in the midst of a crisis.

Your £20 donation could keep the flowers blooming, and the vegetable plot well stocked to help feed our families. 

Every year Ronald McDonald House Liverpool welcomes over 2000 families of critically ill children who are patients at Alder Hey Hospital into our home from home accommodation. We need to raise £700,000 each year so these families can stay with us free of charge in one of the 84 rooms for as long as their child is in hospital. It’s supporters like you who ensure that no family is separated from their child, or each other, at this difficult time.
You’ll receive an email to acknowledge your donation, as well as a downloadable gift certificate to share if you are giving this as a gift. All donations received from our virtual gift campaign will support the core running of the house, ensuring that families are kept together without worrying about the cost. 
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