Mac House Is Like A Warm Hug

Posted On: 7th January 2019

“It took us four years to conceive our daughter, and when she was born she was she was very sick all of the time. We took her to the local hospital, in Blackpool, and they gave her medicine but she got worse Our tiny new born was so sick. We were sent up to Alder hey hospital, but before they sent us the hospital did a scan and her bowel and discovered it was enlarged. We were new parents trying to find our feet, and this was terrifying. We didn’t think she would make it.

We had no family close by, so Mac House was an absolute God send to us. It gave us stability at such a rocky time. It was safe place, with open arms and normality. When my husband and I came back from the hospital every night we were exhausted, so it was good to come have a place where we could shower and have food, and just be ‘us.’ No matter how long we might have needed to stay here we would have been made welcome. Mac House was like a warm hug.

When we got shown to our room, I was a new mum and didn’t feel so well. The staff looked after me and gave me a care package to help me settle in. It was like ‘come in and we will look after you’ I had heard of Mac House but didn’t know what it did. It is an incredible place and staying there gave me so much more awareness. It was a backbone to us, a real home from home.”

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