It Feels Like Someone Is Looking After You

Posted On: 3rd May 2019

We are grateful to Melanie Guiney for sharing her #MacHouse family story. Hearing the impact we have made on the lives of the families who have stayed with us is so important.

“On 22nd October 2013 we were admitted to hospital in Llandudno late at night. Our baby son Fletcher was 10 weeks old and had hydrocephalus, which is a build up of fluid on the brain. We were blue lighted to Alder Hey and straight in to theatre the next day, where they found a brain tumour. All I had with me was an overnight bag for me and the baby, as I thought we would just be there for one for night. The next day we were given a room at Mac House, where we were able to stay while Fletcher was having treatment.

For us, Mac House was amazing. It helped us as a family as we also had a two year old, our son Lloyd, who could stay with us for the odd night. My mum was also able to stay with us when we needed extra support. It was a huge relief to have that space and to relax and get away from the ward. We didn’t have to worry about cooking as volunteers cook a family meal for the people staying at the house. We could also do normal things like our laundry, and use the facilities away from the ward. Money was a worry for us, but Mac House took that stress away from us. I was on maternity leave, and my husband wasn’t being paid. The staff at Mac House were very helpful and always at hand if we needed anything. I even had my hair done, which made a difference. When you are staying there, it really feels like someone is looking after you.

Fletcher is doing brilliantly now and has been clear for five years. He was discharged in February last year. His tumour was very rare, and only one in ten million people develop it. We are grateful that we had the help of Mac House. Staying there took away a lot of worry and pressure from us.”

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