Happy Ending

Posted On: 2nd October 2018

Wonderful to hear from the White family, with news of their son. The family stayed with us 15 years ago and continue to support us at Mac House. The support and donations of our families enables us to help even more families to stay with us.

“Our son Robert was a patient at Alder Hey in April 2003. Robert is now in his fourth year at senior school and is studying for his GCSE’s. He continues to make the most of life and enjoys many interests. Scouts remains his main interest and recently completed a fourth Cheshire Hike. He also continues to row for the school as well as play his violin. This year he passed his grade 5.

We say again as we do every year, we can enjoy every one of our days with Robert and celebrate his achievements because of the fantastic work that goes on at Alder Hey and the special support Ronald McDonald House gives to families during those immensely dificult periods. We are one of the lucky families who have a story with a  continuing happy ending and so we remain very proud to continue to support your invaluable work.”

Many thanks to the White family and all of our families who have shared their brave and inspirational stories.

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