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  • Here’s Ben’s story… “When my son was 3 months old we were moved from Manchester Childrens to Alder Hey Childrens Hospital for him to have a heart operation. Guilt, anger, upset and worry are just some of the emotions as you
  • Across our 25th year we will be sharing stories of the families who stay with us, support us and inspire us. First up, we have a story from Jackie Johnson and her daughter Amy. Thankyou so much for sharing. ‘In
  • We had a lovely letter from Phillip and Julie White who stayed with us back in 2003, while their son Robert was a patient at Alder Hey. ‘Robert is now in his fourth year at the Grange senior school in
  • “We stayed at Mac House for two and half months and spent Christmas there in 2001. Although our daughter never came home with us, I will be forever grateful for the people who gave up their Christmas to care for
  • Huge thanks to Paula Loudon for sharing her Mac House family story. It was a pleasure to have Paula and her family staying with us at Mac House, so they could be close to Mia. Read Paula’s story here
  • We are glad that we can be here for our families, at the time when they need us most. Being close to your child, keeping your family together, at such a difficult time is so important. Paige’s family stayed with
  • It was a real treat for us to see Freya and Finloe today when they popped in with mum and dad, Voirrey and Pete to place their very own plaque on the apartment they stayed in during their time with
  • It was a pleasure to meet the Robinson family this week, who were one of the first families to stay with us when Mac House opened its door 25 years ago. Thankyou for sharing your #MacHouse story! “We stayed at Mac House
  • What better way to celebrate our 25th anniversary year, than to share a story from a family who stayed with us 25 years ago. We are delighted that the Timms family were happy to share their story. The families who
  • Thankyou to Sophia Colton for sharing her #MacHouse family story. These stories are a help for other families and it’s wonderful for us at Mac House to keep in contact with our families who have stayed with us. “This is
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