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  • We are grateful to Melanie Guiney for sharing her #MacHouse family story. Hearing the impact we have made on the lives of the families who have stayed with us is so important. “On 22nd October 2013 we were admitted to hospital in
  • “I gave birth to Freya in August 2016. We knew before she was born that she had a heart condition and she was born at Liverpool Women’s Hospital. After she was born, we came back to the Isle of Man
  • “It took us four years to conceive our daughter, and when she was born she was she was very sick all of the time. We took her to the local hospital, in Blackpool, and they gave her medicine but she
  • Being close to your sick child is so important for any family. We are proud to be able to offer accomodation to families whose children are patients at Alder Hey hospital, and this is possible with all of the help
  • Darren and Gail have been with us for ten years. Sometimes, when families come to stay with us here at Mac House, they have no idea how long they will be with us for. As Darren himself says, one day
  • Our families tell the story of the work we do at Mac House much better than we ever could. Meet Zeki and Tokunbo, who share their experience of what staying with us at Mac House has meant to them. #MacHouse
  • At Mac House we are proud to be able to offer accomodation to our families who are going through one of the hardest times of their lives. Staying together as a family is vital. Being close to the hospital in case
  • “I will never know how to put into words how much you helped my family and I to keep sane. How much every single little thing you all did made a difference. A smile. A wave. Are you ok? I’m
  • “Thankyou for giving our family a place to call home during our extremely stressful time when our son was in hospital. We will always be grateful to you for this. You are fabulous people doing an invaluable job as parents
  • “If it wasn’t for Mac House I don’t know what I would have done. Having Ronald McDonald House meant we could get over to see our baby in the ICU within five minutes when she needed us most. If it
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