A Father’s Tale

Posted On: 17th September 2018

Here’s Ben’s story…

When my son was 3 months old we were moved from Manchester Childrens to Alder Hey Childrens Hospital for him to have a heart operation. Guilt, anger, upset and worry are just some of the emotions as you let your little baby go to have an operation.

Whilst in Liverpool we stayed at Ronald Mcdonald House, a place we knew nothing about until we were asked do you require accommodation. This allowed for myself and my wife to be close to our son. Additionally and more importantly it allowed me to bring my then 3 year old daughter to come and stay with us and keep some form of normality for her. Ronald Mcdonald is nothing short of amazing. Friendly, nothing is too much trouble, accommodating and comfortable to name but a few. It allowed us to be a family and still live our lives despite my sons operation and recovery.

Months later, my son is all better and certainly eating us out of house and home. I am truly blessed to have both a beautiful boy and gorgeous girl, as well as an amazing wife. I work as hard as I can to give my family the best life they deserve and to make them proud of what I achieve. Father’s day to me is an excuse for extra kisses and cuddles with my children and a chance to tell them more than ever how much I love them.”

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